Alive Proxy

Looking for an alive proxy?

Over time proxies have a tendency to get blocked or stop working. Hopefully we have now overcome this problem with Alive Proxy. Our team is working hard to make sure this service DOES NOT get blocked and is available for your use whenever you need working proxy to use. We know as well as anyone else that having your internet blocked or impeded by those network firewalls and content blockers is no fun. Please note that our service doesn't require you to install anything or make any changes to you computer or browser. We never require installation, but we do ask that you read the terms and conditions. Say goodbye to dead proxies!

Feel free to use Alive Proxy to surf any site. There are a range to choose from and many of our users choose to surf the popular social networking sites like: Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Orkut and Youtube. Also, be sure to pass on Alive Proxy to your friends. This site is spread by word of mouth and that is the reason it hasn't been detected and blocked by the system admins. To use the site, just put the site you want to surf in the text box below.

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